One of the aims of Afrodite’s Kitchen is to make as many traditional and delicious Cypriot recipes available to an international audience. As such, we are always open to receiving traditional Cypriot recipes by guests.

If you would like to see you or your family member’s recipe on the website as a “Guest Recipe” or request a traditional Cypriot recipe, then please fill out the form below. You will be credited accordingly and if I am in Cyprus, we can also touch base about the possibility of doing a photo shoot together. I am particularly interested in documenting recipes by the older generation of aunts, uncles, grandmas and grandpas that I feel are slowly dying out if not somehow recorded by our younger generation. Many thanks for reading and reaching out!

Thank you for visiting Afrodite’s Kitchen.

I often work together with clients to develop recipes and offer food photography services. I work with clients both in Cyprus and in Victoria, BC, Canada. If you wish to contact me about a potential collaboration, please feel free to fill out this contact form.