Coming Fall 2020: “Cypriot Cooking”

A cookbook that is sure to evoke culinary memories of anyone with a connection with Cyprus.

Firstly, thank you for your interest in my cookbook. It means the world to me. The Pre-Order button below is for anyone looking to order the book in Canada via Amazon. You can also purchase it from Indigo/Chapters or Bolen Books. If you are in the UK, Cyprus or anywhere in Europe, you can order the book from Amazon. If you are in the US you can order it from Barnes & Noble or Amazon. If you are in Australia, you can order it from Booktopia.


Cyprus is an island situated between Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, Israel, Syria and Egypt. Its cuisine is a melting pot of Greek and Middle Eastern flavours, aromas and traditions. The sea, mountains and fruits of the earth feature prominently in the home-made dishes – handed down for generations by the families of the island – that feature in this book.

With a personal story sure to touch anyone’s heart, the author arrives in Cyprus in search of preserving her family’s traditional recipes. What starts as a simple food blog, ends up being a four year search to obtain the best versions of her favourite traditional Cypriot recipes, and new ones showcasing the deliciousness of popular Cypriot ingredients now found around the world like halloumi. The end result is a cookbook filled with beautiful and delicious traditional recipes. The author uses simple methods and provides ingredient substitutions, where necessary, so the taste of Cyprus can be enjoyed around the world. Inside you will find recipes for such foods as Cypriot Easter Breads (“flaounes”), stuffed zucchini flowers (“anthous”), halloumi-mint scones, Cypriot crepes (“katimeri”), baklava, traditional Cypriot Christmas cookies, pomegranate chocoalte bundt cake, breads and more.

ISBN: 9781770503373
Publisher: Whitecap Books, Limited
Product Dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x (d)
Publication Date: 09/27/2020
Pages: 212

International Editions

Afrodites Kitchen Cookbook (Italian)

Questo libro parla di una piccola isola del Mediterraneo sud-orientale chiamata Cipro, e della sua irresistibile cucina. Cipro gode di una posizione privilegiata (incastonata tra Grecia, Turchia, Libano, Israele, Siria ed Egitto) e di una cucina che si distingue da quella greca così come da quella mediorientale, in un inebriante incontro di sapori, profumi e tradizioni. Mare, montagne e frutti della terra: una natura forte e generosa che entra nei piatti casalinghi – tramandati per generazioni dalle famiglie dell’isola – e nelle evoluzioni della gastronomia moderna. Insalata di fichi d’India, muffin speziati alle zucchine, stufato di polipo al vino, stufato di coniglio alle cipolle, souwlaki cipriota, baklava al pistacchio, crostata di prugne all’acqua di rose, budino di mosto d’uva… .

Afrodites Kitchen Cookbook (German)

Aphrodite, die Göttin der Liebe, der Schönheit und der sinnlichen Begierde soll bei Zypern dem Meer entstiegen sein. Vermutlich hätte auch sie sich für die Leckerbissen von Christina Loucas, der bekanntesten Insel-Bloggerin, begeistert: Denn die Rezepte, die sie für ihr erstes Kochbuch „Aphrodites Küche“ zusammengestellt hat, sind eine Liebeserklärung an Zypern. Traditionelle Gerichte werden neu interpretiert, überraschend und einfach göttlich. Tahini-Pastetchen und Olivenbrot, zyprische Lasagne, pikant gefüllte Zucchiniblüten und Baklava mit Pistazien bringen den Mittelmeer-Sommer auf den Teller. Abwechslung wird dabei groß geschrieben, denn aufgrund der Lage ist Zyperns Küche nicht nur von Griechenland inspiriert, sondern auch von Syrien, Israel, der Türkei und dem Libanon. Und auch das Auge isst mit in „Aphrodites Küche“: Wunderschöne Bilder aus Zypern nehmen mit auf die Reise und holen Sonne, Sommer und Meer nach Hause.

“Cypriot Cooking” Out Fall 2020

“Cypriot Cooking” written by Christina Loucas is scheduled for release by Whitecap Books in Fall 2020 in the US, Canada, Australia, the UK and Europe. It is sure to evoke culinary memories of anyone with a connection with Cyprus. Click the link below to buy off Amazon Canada, or click here to find out where to buy it in your country.