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Hi, thanks for visiting Aφrodite’s Kitchen! I’m blogging from the tiny Mediterranean island called Cyprus, where the ancient Greek goddess of love – Aphrodite – is said to have been born. I live in a coastal city called Limassol, and I often travel to my family’s village in the mountains called Amargeti for inspiration and ingredients.

I’m Christina. I was born and raised in Canada, and have lived, studied and worked in England, Singapore and Thailand. I started this food blog in October 2013. Two years before that, I moved to Cyprus via London, England. I craved a change from the grey weather and life as a lawyer. So I made an adventurous move. Life doesn’t always follow your plans however.  About 1 year after I arrived in Cyprus I had to undergo an operation because of a major health scare. I had some not-so-nice complications and it took me about 1 year to fully recover. In short it made me realise life is short, and I started doing the things I always want to do. Like this blog.

portraight380I started Aφrodite’s Kitchen to try to make Cypriot food more accessible for a modern cook. I would often try to find traditional Cypriot recipes (written in English) and I would either struggle to find any, or they would be very inaccessible. I also found that Cypriot food was often mixed together with Greek or Middle Eastern cuisine, and I think it has so much to offer as a stand-alone cuisine.

So, I thought I would try to learn the traditional recipes from my family and friends and write them down.  I aim to preserve the very old recipes which I feel are being forgotten and also love modernizing the old – (if it tastes good!). I have an adventurous streak and this is also reflected in my cooking style. I mix Cypriot flavours with many ingredients, as I often improvised when I lived in Canada, England, Singapore and Thailand.

I often visit my family’s village to gather ingredients. I have a pug called Ernie and I love her as much as she loves food. Which is a lot!

I am not a professional cook but I love to cook. I have studied and taken photography courses and have an intermediate level WSET certificate. I also am a lawyer. I obtained my law degree from Oxford University, have a BSc in something else from the LSE, and practised law in London for 5 years.

Because of my health, I try to eat healthy, but I am a believer of “everything in moderation”. You will find a mix of Cypriot and international recipes here. Sweet, savoury, healthy and not-so-healthy. I also promote Cypriot food products which I think are delicious and Cyprus food tourism. It can be hard to have “inside” knowledge of the Cyprus cooking scene and I hope to raise awareness about it.

There is a lot more that I could say here. But I’d rather let the recipes and photographs speak for themselves. You will see my B&W street photography popping up as well. I just prefer to express myself and my life through pictures rather than words. Please take a stroll through my website, and join me in my culinary food stories.

I’m really happy you stopped by. Thanks for taking the time to look around!

Happy Cyprus Cooking. xx Christina

Photo taken by Nicolas Iordanou

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