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1. Tell me a bit more about the website. Is it a food blog or a Cyprus cooking website?

Well, it’s a food blog, but it is a food blog with a little more. Basically, it’s a Cyprus girl talking about her Cypriot recipes and what foods she loves, as well as about topics relevant to Cyprus cooking life. I take a fresh and modern look at Cyprus cooking in a fun and informative style. I aim to make traditional Cyprus cooking accessible to today’s generation, as well share as many amazing Cyprus inspired recipes for the modern cook living inside and outside Cyprus. Afrodite’s Kitchen is also featured on Cypriot & Proud, which is a great Cypriot lifestyle website.

2. Do you feature Cypriot food products on your website and in the other media platforms you appear?

I do, but only if they are products I genuinely like and use. For more information about sponsorship packages and rates, please contact me on christina[@]afroditeskitchen.demoing.info. Please also contact me on the same email for food photography queries.

3. Why Is The Blog Called Afrodite’s Kitchen? You Are Called Christina.

Actually Cyprus is known for being the birthplace of the Greek goddess Aphrodite. I thought it would be a bit tongue in cheek to imagine the Greek goddess in her kitchen making all of these recipes and just sort of went with it as a theme. People call me Afrodite on a regular basis when communicating with me – which makes sense – …  I feel shy correcting them.

4. Where Do You Live & Cook?

I live mostly in Limassol, Cyprus – a tiny island in the south-east Mediterranean sea – and also in Victoria, BC Canada. Limassol is a seaside city with about 100,000 people and is hot and sunny pretty much every day (something the Canadian in me can’t quite believe!). From Limassol, I travel to my family’s mountain village in Pafos and their farms to pick local foods. But I cook (mostly) in my flat in Limassol. It has a view of the city which I love. Sometimes I cook in my family’s village kitchen. It’s very rustic and I like it. I also enjoy cooking with my mom in Victoria, Canada – who is a major source of inspiration.

5. What Do You Cook?

I cook a variety of traditional Cypriot food, and in doing so try to preserve some very old recipes. I also enjoying taking local Cypriot ingredients and try to use them in new ways, as well as add Cypriot ingredients and flavours to international recipes. I believe in “everything in moderation”, so you will find savoury, sweet, healthy, not-so-healthy recipes on the website. Maybe it’s the Cypriot in me, but I just believe in eating what you like!

6. Can I Write You?

Sure. I’d love to hear from you:

contact me: christina[@]afroditeskitchen.demoing.info
facebook. instagram. twitter.

7. Can I Use Your Photos And/Or Recipes? Only with my permission please. Please note that copyright of all photographs and recipes belong to me, unless otherwise stated. As with most food blogs, recipes and/or photographs cannot be reproduced without permission. If you would like to feature some of my pictures in your blog or site, or for commercial use, publication and general distribution, please contact me at christina[@]afroditeskitchen.demoing.info.

Thank-Yous … Aφrodite’s Kitchen is also featured on Cypriot & Proud – an amazing entertainment website about Cyprus day-life, night-life and agro-tourism. I am very thankful and happy to be a part of it. I want to thank Mr. V who is a GENIUS and helped me set up the website and answer all of my IT related questions. (I-changed-my-categories-again-and-broke-the-screen-thingy-please-help). I also want to thank Maria Papaleontiou who is a creative GODDESS. She did all of the graphic design, banners and logos.


    1. Thank you Vicky! It was a passion project of mine, so I am very happy to have completed it! I will be posting some more information about it on my facebook page soon too! Thank you!

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